Save energy, money, time and the environment

Demand-controlled ventilation, heating, lighting provides significant savings on the energy bill. To have full control of this gives even more satisfied tenants.


Smart ventilation in offices

The diffuser TTC controls ventilation, heating, lighting and even electrical outlets in an energy-efficient smart office. Demand control can make any property "green". Se more solutions here.


Presence is lower than you might think

The presence in offices is lower than you might think. The potential for energy savings is high!


Referensproject office

According to the surveys of the Swedish energy agency an office uses an average of 140 kWh/m², year. Here is an opportunity to save a lot with demand control!


Save at least 60% fan electricity in schools

According to Norwegian research at least 60% fan electricity can be saved with carbon dioxide controlled ventilation instead of constant air volume. We can save even more. Se our solutions for schools...


Reference project schools

According to the surveys of the swedish energy agency a school uses an average of 149 kWh/m², year. We have participated in several school projects that need significantly less energy.

Ventilation on demand - smart solutions for lowest livecycle costs

Energy efficient ventilation with maximum control. Silent. Draught-free. Flexible. Green, comfortable and economic!


Our customers say:

"With your solutions we don´t have the same problems with draught as we have in our other buildings"
Technical services Malmö

"We tried other solutions too but yours is simply the best"
Facility manager Malmö

"Your VAV-solutions are the ones which we can save the most energy with"
Facility manager Kalmar

Protective ventilation

Functional system solutions for protective ventilation in laboratories with fume cupboards to infection clinics with high risk patients.




LINDINSPECT is our web interface that provides the ability to monitor and administer our climate control systems.

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