ABOUT - Lindinvent


Our concept is built on ongoing product development with our own knowledgeable project managers who make use of their close contact with customers and projects to route feedback into product and service development. We work with areas that engage us and we feel that we are contributing to a better environment and to improving people's health and work environment; quite simply entrepreneurship with passion!

We have our own test laboratory both for comfort and laboratory systems, our own assembly and testing teams and a contracting department with local collaboration partners and service partners that covers the whole of Sweden.

We have also been exporting our products since 2007.

Our business concept:
To provide our customers with products for professional air flow control in a variety of environments.

Our vision is that we will be perceived as one of the leading companies in the world within air flow control, ventilation control and secure workplaces in terms of ventilation.

Our hope is to contribute through our work to sparing the environment and minimizing energy use for buildings. Our goal is also to facilitate and ensure good health for people who work in dangerous environments such as laboratories and in industry.

Since we started the company we have been inspired by being able to offer more people a better and safer work environment. With new energy saving products such as active diffusers, we can extend this to working to reduce the negative impact of buildings on the environment. With a clear reduction in energy consumption, our clients don't just save money; they are also more environmentally friendly!

In order to practice what we preach, we work actively with environmental and climate issues:

  • We climate compensate for our road transports (certificate).
  • The electricity to our premises comes from renewable energy sources (wind and water).
  • Our energy efficient premises (of course with our own products) are climate neutral.
  • We recycle and sort our waste.
  • Our products are environmentally declared with both SundaHus and Byggvarubedömningen.
  • We prioritize good environmental choices during the construction phase.
  • We take producer responsibility for packaging with our membership of REPA.

We have not yet undergone environmental certification, as this does not mean that a company's products or ways of working are environmentally friendly, but simply that the company documents what is more or less good. In terms of documentation and paperwork regarding the environment, we work with project-specific environmental plans and building material declarations.

If you have questions about our environmental work, you are welcome to contact us!