INSQAIR - Next generation digital demand controlled ventilation.

Quieter. Smarter. Easier.

Demanded controlled ventilation - 
Minimizes the use of energy by creating an optimal indoor climate when and where it's needed.

INSQAIR® - INnovative Smart Quiet AIR is our new series of smart versatile supply air devices for optimal, sustainable and energy-efficient indoor climate control. In addition to that the series offer full focus on digitization! With four patents, up to ten integrated sensors, Bluetooth® and web connection, INSQAIR® creates a perfect sensor-controlled indoor climate when and where it is needed with minimal energy use. The patented valve makes the device the quietest on the market. Wireless communication maximizes flexibility without wall installations. Indoor positioning and personal counting are some of the new features.

INSQAIR® - currently six supply air diffusers:
  • ISQ 200 & ISQ-160 - Active Air Supply Diffuser
  • ISQ-M - Reactive Air Supply Diffuser
  • ISQ-F - Exposed Active Air Supply Diffuser
  • ISQ-FM - Exposed Reactive Air Supply Diffuser
  • ISQ-V - Wall mounted Air Supply Diffuser


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