Accessories & Setpoint adjusters

Accessories (also view "Sensors & Function" for more info)


Example of common accessories in Lindinvent's type room solutions:

Carbon dioxide and moisture sensors (CO2 + RH)
ISQ can be ordered with a built-in carbon dioxide and humidity sensor for air quality control. These can also be mounted post installation.

Flow balancing
DCV-BL (Flow control) is used for balancing exhaust air and is part of Lindinvent's series of smart dampers and measuring units.

Lighting control (DALI)
Control the lighting with the built-in presence detector and the lux sensor. This significantly reduces the cost of electrical installation. See control unit SBD for lighting control via DALI.

Radiator control
Valve actuators for radiators can be connected for sequence control of heating and cooling.

Electric radiator control
A heating battery or electric radiators can be controlled via CBTa control box for electric radiator control. 

Fan air cooling
Additional cooling can be regulated via control boxes CBFE or CBFS.

External presence sensor
External presence sensor for alternative location of detector can be connected, see XPIR or PD-2400.

Bluetooth® accessories
This enables a number of possibilities.




Setpoint switch


Wall mounted panel
A wall-mounted panel can be installed for users to adjust the setpoint for room temperature or temporarily activate a ventilation function. See user panel DRP.

Mobile application InOffix and QR-codes
INSQAIR can communicate via an API to enable usage in the app InOffix. Scan the QR codes with the app and get the relevant room info from the code instead of installing expensive user panels. Cheaper, simpler and quicker!


InOffix has a number of functions. Just to menation a few... 


  • Temperaturjustering
  • Justering av solavskärming
  • Bokning av konferensrum och resurser
  • Begära städning
  • Begära service
  • Avvikelserapportering
  • Enkäter
  • Checka in/ut

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