Connections & Communication



Connections to ISQ with junction box



  • 2 pcs 24 VAC supply + communication loop (CAN)
  • 2 st 0–10 VDC analog in
  • 1 control signal to CBR (Lighting control box)
  • 1 pc 5 VDC input for lighting control switch
  • 2 pcs 0–10 VDC analog output
  • 1 pc 24 VAC, TRIAC (Intended for valve actuators; maximum load TRIAC corresponds to 10 thermal actuators of 1 W.)
  • Bluetooth® - communication with LINDINSIDE and other products
  • I2C bus for extra sensors etc
User interface

Mobile application LINDINSIDE is used either for connection via Bluetooth® directly to a single device or for accessing property data via cloud services.


Web interface LINDINSPECT®

Our powerful user interface for handling the entire system: from ISQ on the web, configuration of DALI lighting to solar shading visualization, etc

  • Via server in system solutions with LINDINSPECT
  • Via Gateway NCE in system solutions without LINDINSPECT

Our REST-based API  can be reached via LINDINPECT. With the API all data in the system can be accessed for third-party applications such as functions for space management, cleaning optimization, temperature adjustment via an app etc. 


Via Bluetooth® we are able to communicate with a number of different products and sensors.

We help you through the entire process