Measures & Tech Specs

Connections ISQ & CBD

Dimensions (mm)

Tech Specs

Diffuser frame and bottom plate: Powder coated steel plate
Plenumbox and valve: Steel plate, C3
Flow meter and discs: Thermoplastic compound
Other: Electronics och electrical motor
Building material declaration: Available on
Net weight: 12 kg
Paint colour: RAL 9003
Other RAL colours are available on request

Suspended/Dropped ceiling
ISQ is adapted for suspended ceiling profile edge A and E.
Duct connection
Duct: Ø 200 mm
ISQ can be connected with a flexible channel.

Temperature limits
Operation: 10oC till 30oC; <85% RF
Storage: -20oC till 50oC; <90% RF

Cable (16-conductor)
ISQ is delivered with a cable to the control unit mounted.
The cable is on delivery connected to connection box CBD.
Standard length (16-conductor): 1 m
Longer cables can be specially ordered: 5 m or 10 m

Electrical system
Supply voltage: 24 VAC
Power consumption
Rest: 2 VA
Activ: 4 VA (approximately 200–300 h/år)

CAN-bus communication
ISQ and other active climate control units are interconnected
with a CAN-bus. The cabel used by Lindinvent for
the CAN-bus also includes conductors for power supply.
Cable specification: Shielded FLAQQBR: 2x1 + 1x2x0.22

Radio communication
BLE module: Bluetooth® 2.4 GHz
Non-continuous function. Listens only to calls from the
app or similar. Beacon functionality requires sending.

Complies with IP 22

Complies with EMC and the low voltage directive
A certificate of compliance is available at



Connections ISQ & CBD


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