Pressure, flow & sound levels

Pressure, flow & sound levels

The sound power levels LPA in the diagram corresponds to A-weighted sound level in the reverberation zone with 10 m²equivalent sound absorption area.
This corresponds to 4 dB room absorption in a room with normal absorption and a volume of 25 m³.

See Table 1 below for correction factors depending on type of room. Sound power level/octave band (Lw) = LPA + KO [dB]

LPA = Total A-weighted sound power level [dB(A)] is readfrom the ISQ-200 sound diagram below. diagram nedan.
KO = Correction factor/oktave band. See tabell 2 below.

Self-damping according to Table 3 and 4 below.
Measurements according to ISO 9614-2 & ISO 691:1995.


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