Demand-controlled ventilation minimizes energy use and creates an optimal indoor climate when and where it is needed. INSQAIR® has focused on simplicity at all levels but also maximum flexibility and digitization. With Bluetooth® and all the sensors that may be needed, INSQAIR® is a smart and quiet supply air device that equips the property for future requirements.

Quick facts about ISQ

  • Complete and flexible indoor climate control in offices, healthcare and schools
  • Actuator with built-in room regulator and motor-controlled air flow valve
  • Built-in sensors for room & duct temperature, air flow, static pressure, presence and lux sensor & degree of opening. Options: carbon dioxide and relative humidity.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth® (BLE)
  • Outstanding flow and sound performance: Up to 120 l/s with a sound level at <30 dB (A)
  • Adjustable self-acting gap opening for maintained air speed
  • Easy and quick assembly

Quick facts about ISQ-M

  • Intended for larger rooms in collaboration with duct-mounted room climate control, eg DCV-RC.
  • A device without electronics and sensors
  • General structure and appearance as the active diffuser ISQ
  • Outstanding flow and sound performance: Up to 120 l/s with a sound level at <30 dB (A)
  • Adjustable self-acting gap opening for maintained air speed
  • Easy and quick assembly

Why chose INSQAIR?


Simple design, simple installation, simple commissioning and simple user interface on the web.

Lowest LCC

Demand-controlled ventilation with sub-temperate air as the system solution has the lowest investment cost and the lowest life cycle cost according to most reports.

Increased efficiency

According to "Economic, Environmental and Health Implications of Enhanced Ventilation in Office Buildings", a research conducted at Harvard, increased air volumes increases office productivity by up to 8%.


The technical platform with Bluetooth® and a number of sensors accessed via API, Modbus, http and mobile app, creates opportunities for maximum digitization.


The product provides most add ons such as wireless communication with other products, indoor positioning, asset & people tracking etc.


Air is much easier to handle than water when remodeling the property. Built-in sensors and wireless communication maximize flexibility




The attendance rate in buildings is often significantly lower than expected. People are sick, on holiday, in a meeting or temporarily away. By varying the amount of air needed in different rooms in the property, the total amount of air is minimized. This minimizes the energy requirement to propel the air but also the amount of air that needs to be heated/cooled to create the right room temperature. As the device can work with low supply air temperatures (up to 10 K sub-temperature), it's often sufficient to heat exchange to the correct temperature with a rotary heat exchanger on the unit. In south and mid Sweden the temperature exceeds 16 ° C about 1000 hours/year. In northern Sweden however, there's only about 250 hours/year when free cooling is not enough. 

The unit's pressure and supply air temperature are continuously optimized in the system's central control functions. The system always makes sure to minimize the pressure and choose the right supply air temperature given the circumstances. With the economy function, the energy demand can be further reduced. This has proven to be by far the most energy-efficient alternative in most system selection analyzes and dissertations. In addition, it has been shown to have the lowest installation cost and all technology is placed in an integrated unit and thus also provides the lowest life cycle cost. The flexibility is also very good as there are no installations on the walls and it is much easier to move a supply air diffuser with only a ventilation duct and a cable compared to a cooling baffle that weighs much more and also has a water installation


Konferensrum med ISQ

Konferensrum med ISQ

Conference room with ISQ
  • Regulation map temperature, presence and carbon dioxide content
  • 10 - 250 l / s
  • Very quiet
  • No dampers
  • No sensors on the wall


The presence sensor and the CO2 sensor can be used to log presence and number of people present. Integration with Outlook enables further optimizations for lower energy use and release of the room if no one is present after the meeting. (Requires LINDINSPECT for full function.)


INSAIR® - one of the most versatile supply air diffusers in the world

Ger bra inneklimat när det behövs och med minimal energianvändning när det inte behövs. Framgångsfaktorer som tagits med i beräkningen:

  • large range between minimum and maximum airflow
  • large range between minimum and maximum static working pressure
  • low sound stringing over the entire range
  • draft-free with adjustable spread pattern
  • multiple built-in sensors for energy-optimal operation
  • smart local control functions in the device
  • superior control functions for system optimization
  • communication option - preferably several different ones
  • compact construction dimensions
  • intuitive user interface
  • easy installation
  • long service life of components

All this has been considered when developing INSQAIR®  to make sure that the architect, installer, integrator, property owner, tenant and operating technician will be satisfied.

We help you through the entire process