Important information for you as a supplier to Lindinvent AB ( 556084-5843)

The invoice address for Lindinvent is:

Lindinvent AB
Skiffervägen 39
224 78 LUND
VAT: SE556084584301
We offer two possibilities for you to deliver your invoices. Primarily we want e-invoices and secondarily PDF invoices. If none of these options are possible for you, please contact our finance department to find a solution.


E-mail PDF-Invoice

If you print your invoices as PDF files from your business system, please send these to the email address. One invoice per PDF file. PDF invoices sends to:


E-invoice with PEPPOL

For those who send electronic invoices, European standard PEPPOL, the following PEPPOL ID should be used:
Use PEPPOL-ID: 0007:5560845843


Only invoices should be sent to these addresses. All other mail is sent as usual. Invoices sent to our previous invoice address may be returned.

All invoices to us MUST contain a Reference consisting of:
  •          Reference Person
  •          Project/ Project number
  •          Order number (invoices concerning products)


How do I get started?

If you have questions about the above, or if you cannot send invoices according to any of the above electronic alternatives, you can contact our finance department by e-mail .


Best Regards

Lindinvent AB Finance department 
Phone +46 46 15 85 50