We educate on different levels. Which is yours?

Installing and working with new systems is not always easy and we are well aware of this. Although our system is designed to be as smooth and intuitive as possible, we are all beginners at some point. We want our customers to know everything that can be known about how to deploy, optimise, maintain but also address various problems that may arise. That's why we offer two different courses based on your role and the needs. Sign up via the links under each tab.

Suitable for you with no or limited experience with the Lindinvent System

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In this initial part we:
  • Go through the basics on different components and how they collaborate in a system
  • Give you the basic training in deploying a small size Lindinvent system
  • Teach you the basics on how the components comunicate and how to control it

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For you with previous experience of the Lindinvent system

This part requires the basics from part 1 or equivalent. Do you have any questions? Send us an email 

In this second part we:
  • Give you a deeper review in deploying the Lindinvent system
  • Teach you about system design in larger systems
  • Teach you about digital tools for managing system settings and overview 

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For you with no experience from e.g. Deployment part 1 & 2

We give you: 
  • A general review of demand control solutions for different types of room and the components for this
  • Information about the functions in our web interface LINDINSPECT that gives a complete property overview 
  • Information on possible adjustments to optimise your property and save energy


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