Do you need help with the electrical design?

We are experts on our own systems and know all about how to design the electricity to keep all products and systems in communication with each other in the best way possible. That keeps the system happy and the risks for disconnections down to a minimum.


The Lindinvent System

Our system is built on communicating control equipment (nodes) that is connected directly or indirectly to a continuous loop. The wiring that connects the control equipment has conductors gathered in a shielded four way conductor. Lindinvent's controllers have been developed for semi-wave rectified power supply via transformers providing 24 VAC.

By connecting the wires for communication and voltage supply in the same cable, the electricity installation cost are kept to a minimum. We help you plan and design the basics of how a communications loop should be built to ensure adequate power supply to all nodes in a communication loop.



We are happy to help with the electrical design to make it all work perfectly, right from the start.

Patrik Persson,
Sales Engineer, Lindinvent

Patrik Persson

We help you through the entire process