We help you all the way!

All our projects are assigned to our talented Project Leaders in the Project Management Team. In turn, they put together a team and keep integration and communication workflows streamlined across different departments throughout project. The managers also ensure set time frames and budgets along the way. Naturally, they are always available to all people included in the project.

Dedicated Project Leaders in all projects

The assigned project manager is responsible for the project and is involved in any decisions that are made. At Lindinvent we have years of experience managing projects and our key factors for successful project management look like this:

  • Planning with commitment to complete the project
  • We assign skilled project managers
  • We spend time defining the project 
  • We plan the operation of the project and ensure integration and communication workflows


We have extremely skilled Project Leaders with many years of experience. The most important thing for us is that our customer always get a friction free journey throughout the project and that the end result is always 100% satisfaction!

Lars-Johan Hjertz,
Project Manager, Lindinvent

Lars-Johan Hjertz