You and your property can count on us!

All property buildings are unique  which means different kinds of service needs. We are fully aware of this and treat each property indvidually. How can we help you today?


Are you interested in a Service Agreement?

Are you a property owner and want to keep the ventilation and indoor climate at a the best possible level? Then you probably also care about the environment and want to maintain this to the lowest energy cost and environmental impact possible. If you say yes to that, a service agreement with us is a good investment and has several advantages. One of them is that we get to know your property and can suggest improvements and energy saving measures. Contact us if you want to know more!

In addition to that:
  • We are professionals on laboratory ventilation - we conduct and document the annual statutory review (according to AFS 1997: 10)
  • If needed, we can upgrade the products to the very latest and greatest
  • When reviewing, we can detect possible related problems that might occur; a semi good cooling system, unnecessary drops in pressure, thermostats with wrong settings, control functions that are not working like they should, etc.

We help you through the entire process