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ISQ-M - Reactive supply Air diffuser

The reactive supply air device ISQ-M in collaboration with the room climate control DCV-RC, like the active device ISQ, can be one of the world's most useful supply air devices. The devices are designed to maintain high comfort in operating modes that allow low air flows and a strongly sub-temperate supply air.

ISQ-M is part of the latest generation smart air diffusers from Lindinvent and is designed to meet the requirements for simple and efficient climate control  from architects, installers, integrators, property owners, tenants and operating technicians. 

ISQ-M (the short version)
  • Intended for larger rooms combined with the damper for room climate control DCV-RC.
  • No electronics and sensors (doesn't require any electrical installation) Apart from that; design and function like the active device ISQ.
  • Equipped with self-acting gap openings. Via a construction with damper blades in the diffuser part, the gap opening is adapted to the air flow in order to maintain a good mix of air and eliminate draft even at low air flows with sub-temperate air.
  • Easy to adjust the air flow over several diffusers.
  • Easily adjustable spreading pattern.
  • 0-120 l/s with a sound level below 30 dB (A).
  • Easy and quick installation in suspended ceilings
  • Very quiet.

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