MTC - Reactive supply air diffuser

MTC, like MTN, is a self-activating, reactive supply air diffuser intended for demand-controlled ventilation where the air flow from several diffusers is adjusted by a common damper in the supply air duct. 

  • It is used together with Lindinvent’s duct-mounted room climate control unit DCV-RC. 
  • It has a fixed underplate, which means that with zero flow the diffuser has a profile against the ceiling that is similar to the active diffuser TTC. 
  • It is intended for larger premises with a low requirement for flexibility, such as educational premises, large conference rooms, open-plan offices, restaurants, foyers etc. 
  • It can handle low and high flows (up to 115 l/s at 30 dBA) with under-temperature air (down to 15ºC) while maintaining the recirculation of room air. 
  • Like the active diffuser TTC, it is equipped with moving slots. The opening of the diffuser (height of the slots) is changed reactively in response to pressure changes and thereby the air flow in the supply air duct. 

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