LINDINSPECT® - Web interface

LINDINSPECT is an intuitive and powerful web interface used for our solutions for demand-controlled ventilation. It is a tool for operating organizations to easily be able to monitor and optimize the indoor climate of the building. A prerequisite for keeping the building energy efficient over time.

LINDINSPECT is completely web based and requires no JAVA applets or browser extensions, but uses only HTML and JavaScript. The interface has been adapted to fit on tablets and larger smartphones.

LINDINSPECT requires system software LINDINTELL to be installed on the server.

LINDINSPECT includes the following functionality:

  • Instrument panel on the start page
  • Current weather
  • Overview in 4D (3D + time voters view)
  • Plan views for easy overview -  with filters and thresholds
  • Grouping Voters in 3D and plan view
  • Node popups with values, set points, alarms, notes, etc.
  • Smartphone Custom node manager
  • Graphs in the form of plots, histograms and duration charts
  • Table mode with filtering option
  • Conversion of the values of all the nodes in the table
  • Set point history
  • Project documentation
  • Tenant view for conversion of temperature setpoints
  • Auto-generated operations report 
  • User management in multiple levels
  • Integration with Active Directory for automatic user management
  • Alarm management with dynamic alarm limits and various alarm levels, sent via e-mail
  • Time channel definition
  • Visualization of values from other protocols such as Modbus and KNX for example heater and solar shading

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