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BCXb - Chilled beam controller

BCXb is intended for smart room climate control using a chilled beam. The controller monitors and controls heating, cooling, and airflow in sequence.  With BCXb the room is equipped with a room temperature, an occupancy detector, and optionally other sensors. Sensors can be pre-assembled.

BCXb is part of DCV-B, a pre-assembled control unit for upgrading CAV chilled beams. With DCV-B, you can modernize your existing cooling beams and achieve a energy-efficient, smart, flexible, and digital climate control. 

  • Equips the chilled beam with a smart control unit and a room climate controller.
  • Connectors and functions for occupancy detection and other necessary sensor data for real on-demand control.
  • Adapts the supply airflow and activates heating or cooling according to setpoints, operating mode, and measured climate data.
  • Lighting control.
  • Connected to a CAN loop for collaboration and communication.
  • Bluetooth® for access via the mobile application LINDINSIDE.
User interface
  • Login localy directly to the controller via a smart phone with the LINDINSIDE app.
  • TCP/IP networking over Gateway NCE and Lindinvents central unit and system software LINDINSPECT.
  • Other external parent system via Gateway NCE and ModbusRTU or ModbusTCP.

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