DPLb - Differential pressure controller

 DPLb is a regulator for accurate and fast differential pressure control. The controller is used in conjunction with clean rooms and other laboratory environments to ensure the direction of air movement between adjacent rooms.

  • Maintains a specified differential pressure between two adjacent spaces.
  • Can be connected via node ID to a communication loop (CAN) for access and communication with other interoperable nodes or systems.
  • Has operating parameters that can be read and set.
  • A differential pressure guard, FLOCHECK P, can be ordered separately and used as a fixed panel and part of the safety equipment.The panel notifies personnel via alarms when the differential pressure deviates from the prescribed values.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth® for communication via mobile application LINDINSIDE.


Protective box DPB, Magnetic contact MC740 and user panel FLOCHECK P are available and to be ordered as accessories.

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