FCLb - Fume cupboard controller

FCLb maintains a constant air speed in the hatch opening regardless of the hatch position up to the marked safety level.

  • Regulates with speed and accuracy, via a damper with damper actuator, the air speed in the cupboard opening to 0.5 m/s regardless of the hatch's opening height up to the marked safety level.
  • Is equipped with an internal airspeed meter.
  • A measuring probe for air velocity is mounted inside the fume cupboard and connected via hose to FCLb.
  • FLOCHECK V is connected as a fixed user panel. The panel is used to manually switch operating modes and as part of the protective equipment. Via the panel, personnel are alerted when the air speed is not within the prescribed limit values.
  • Via FLOCHECK V, the operator can temporarily activate eigther the emergency mode or the rig mode. In emergency mode, the airspeed is increased while an acoustic and optical alarm is activated. In rig mode, the airspeed is reduced to a standby mode.
  • Can be connected via a Node ID to a wired loop, a local area network (CAN), for stable communication between cooperating control units.
  • Gateway NCE has to be connected to the local network for access and communication via a parent system.
  • The controller, which is programmable, has parameters that can be read and set locally or centrally.
  • Through the electric interlock contactor EFK, the controller can cut the voltage to electrical outlets after an adjustable time at low air speed in the cupboard opening. EFK can reduce the risk of explosions when handling flammable substances.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth® for local communication via mobile application LINDINSIDE.

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