LCXb - Labklimatsregulator

LCXb is intended for on-demand control of room climate in laboratories. The room climate is controlled by LCXb based on an active extract air control that is balanced by sub-tempered supply air. The regulator is included in Lab climate control DCV-LCb.

  • Controller for room climate control and active adaptation of the total extract air in a laboratory.
  • Internal factory calibrated airflow sensor.
  • Controls additional cooling and heating in sequence.
  • Connections for a range of additional sensors and detectors.
  • Enables connection of lighting to presence-controlled lighting zones.
  • Connects via Node-ID to a local area network (CAN) for stable communication between cooperating units.
  • Gateway NCE can be connected to the network for networking with a parent system.
  • The controller is programmable and its parameters can be read or set locally via handset or centrally over
    the network.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth® for communication via mobile application LINDINSIDE.
User interface
  • Login localy directly to the controller via a smart phone with the LINDINSIDE app.
  • TCP/IP networking over Gateway NCE and Lindinvents central unit and system software LINDINSPECT.
  • Other external parent system via Gateway NCE and ModbusRTU or ModbusTCP.

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