CBF-S - Fan coil unit control box [stepped motor]

When extra cooling is needed, in addition to what Lindinvent’s supply air diffuser can provide, CBFS can be used to control fan coil units with stepped motors in sequence with the diffuser.

Energy consumption is optimised because cooling is managed in one system. For control of fan coil units with EC motors see control box CBFE.

CBFS controls the fan motor of the fan coil unit as well as the valve actuator so as to adjust the quantity of coolant to the unit. Control of the fan coil unit occurs in three steps, corresponding to the three speed positions of the fan coil unit. Step 1 turns on at 1 VDC; step 2 at 7 VDC and step 3 at 9 VDC. Steps 2 and 3 are adjustable via potentiometer. CBFS is connected to a controller that supplies the control box with voltage feed and control signal. 

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