FMP - Pre-connected mounting plate

The pre-wired installation plate FMP-XRU is available to facilitate when lighting control is to be installed with an active supply air diffuser. The pre-wired plate contains connection box CBX, lighting system control box CBR and a socket. The plate is designed to be mounted on plenum box HTK which is used together with an active ceiling supply air diffuser.

The following variants can be ordered as standard:
• FMP-XRU with 4-way extension block.
• FMP-XR with CBX and CBR connected as above but without extension block. 

The pre-wired plate is available to facilitate the installation process. With the plate in place you only have to connect 230 VAC to CBR, the diffuser cable to CBX and the network connections 
to CBX to have both the diffuser and the lighting connected to the climate control system.

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