CBR - Lighting control box

Lighting control box CBR is used together with a controller or an active supply air diffuser to manage lighting control. 

With CBR, lighting can be linked to lighting zones which offers flexible control. Lighting can be occupancy controlled with logging of breaks and illumination time. CBR eliminates current spikes at the moment of activation of luminaires.

The relay function with connectors is integrated into the double box. 

Lighting can be turned on and off in the zone using CBR and signals from either push buttons or occupancy sensors.

Lighting control
The desired time to switch on or off is set on the connected controller. It is possible to choose one of the following predefined function options:

• Switching on based on occupancy in the lighting zone and switching off based on the time entered.
• Switching on with push button and switching off based on time to switching off or with push button.
• Switching on with push button and switching off based on the time entered. 

Lighting zones
Via the connected controller, lighting can be configured for the desired lighting zone.
If one of the luminaires in the lighting zone is activated, lighting in the whole zone is turned on.

Service intervals
Communication with the parent system makes logging possible. The number of breaks and the illumination time, which provides the basis for changing HF diffusers and fluorescent lamps, can be reviewed.

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