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CBRE - Lighting control box [enocean]

Like CBR, CBRE is a control box for lighting system control that is used together with room climate controller RCC, laboratory climate controller LCR or active supply air diffusers. CBRE offers a solution for local functions with the possibility of centrally overriding lighting. Unlike CBR, CBRE is equipped with a radio module for connecting wireless push buttons.

The relay function, connections and control electronics are integrated in a double box.


  • Equipped with a radio module for connecting wireless push buttons.
  • Can connect lighting to lighting zones via connected controller.
  • Can turn lighting on and off via occupancy signals from the lighting zone or from push buttons.
  • Eliminates power spikes at the moment of switching and consequent disturbances in the cable network.
  • Can log switchings and time illuminated, via connected controller, for follow-up.

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