Our market leading solutions for controlling, monitoring and optimising safety ventilation protect laboratory personnel from hazardous substances. They also keep different material in clean rooms uncontaminated and protect other people from bacteria in infection clinics. We ensure air velocities, airflows and differential pressures in everything from rimary school chemistry halls to the most advanced research labs and infection clinics. We maximize security with advanced control algorithms and reliable products.


Safety ventilation does just what the name suggests - it creates safety!

Our market-leading system solutions for control, monitoring and optimisation of safety ventilation protects laboratory staff from hazardous substances in laboratories, maintain purity of products and materials in cleanrooms and prevents illnesses from spreading via airlock solutions at infection clinics.

We work everywhere, from school science laboratories to animal room departments and infection clinics, where we handle the most difficult of jobs.

Further information on safety ventilation, including videos and links to other sites, can be found here.