GS-C - Sound level sensor

GS-C is a digital sound level sensors for ceiling mounting and connectivity to Lindinvent's active supply air diffusers and/or other room climate regulators. 

High sound levels are the third biggest complaint in offices according to research done at UC Berkeley (read the article here).
Addressing tenant dissatisfaction in commercial properties can actually be critical to whether or not the tenants chooses to stay. Satisfied tenants is of significant importance to property owners and they must meet the ever so ingreasing work environmen demands. Air and temperature is very important but also, as the research in question shows, the sound level.

Sound is one of the problems that we, with our sensor GS-C, actually can measure and visualize to provide property owners with data that can be analyzed and provide a basis for action. It also creates the conditions to be able to choose a workplace in a measured quiet zone. Everything to be able to make the office even better as a meeting place and workplace.

Areas of use

The sensor can only measure sound level and can be used when monitoring the sound level in e.g a class room. Measurement data can be used for alarms with possible action when the sound level exceeds a limit value.
• Present sound signatures for individual spaces
• Alarm (Indicate at high sound level)

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