GT-S - Radiator temperature sensor unit

Sensor unit GT-S connects a valve actuator, and thus a radiator, fitted with a temperature sensor, to a room climate controller. With GT-S and the web-based interface LINDINSPECT, radiators can be monitored.

Up to 20% of a service technician’s working time, during the winter season, can be spent examining radiators and why they are not heating up. We have to change this! With GT-S and LINDINSPECT, you can prevent tenant complaints, ensure good function and reduce energy usage!

Areas of use

With GT-S and user interface LINDINSPECT, a range of error sources can be investigated and detected:

  • Non-functioning actuators
  • Air in radiator loops
  • Clogged valves
  • Incorrect pipe connections
  • Transmission losses in pipe systems
  • Removed actuators





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