PD-2400 - External presence sensor

PD-2400 is a passive IR presence detector

The detector has a sensor that reacts to heat radiation changes. 


The detector lens collects heat radiation from different fields onto the sensor element. When a person moves across a detection field, a strong signal is generated. The detector should therefore be placed so that persons will move directly across the lens field. 

PD-2400 is a presence sensor for lighting control and other room climate control.

The presence sensor is usually used for room climate control via controller RCX and self-acting diffusers but can also be installed as a complementary presence sensor in rooms with climate control via active supply air diffusers. A PD-2400 usually covers a normal class room.

PD-2400 is particularly tested with very good resolution and sensitivity as a result. Should the standard lens not be optimal, there is a lens library to choose from. The PD-2400 can even detect small movements at a large range. Supply voltage: 24 VAC.

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