DCV-B - Chilled beam control unit


You can make your existing baffles more energy-efficient, digital, flexible, and smarter. Supplement with our DCV-B solution to make your CAV baffles meet today's requirements for indoor climate, sustainability, and digitization. DCV-B consists of controller BCXb, a damper actuator, and a damper (Ø100-250 mm) fitted with a measuring flange.

  • Smart control unit for air, cooling and heating with minimal installation for modernization of a CAV beam.
  • Adjusts flows and activates additional heating or cooling according to set setpoints, operating mode and measured climate data.
  • Connection for several sensors.
  • Can activate lighting.
  • Is pre-assembled on dampers with measuring flange for easy and quick assembly.
  • Connects via Node-ID to a local network (CAN-loop) for stable communication between cooperating units.
  • Gateway NCE is connected to the local network for access and communication with Lindinvents central unit or another parent system.
  • Pre-mounted on dampers with measuring flange for easy and quick installation.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth® for communication via mobile application LINDINSIDE.
User interface
  • Bluetooth® for access via mobile application LINDINSIDE.
  • Login to server with system software LINDINTELL
  • Web tool LINDINSPECT®


Control your baffle with a smart solution

We are becoming more and more aware when it comes to energy use and efficiency, especially when it comes to indoor climate and comfort. By modernizing your existing baffle with our DCV-B solution, you get opportunities to steer towards increased comfort and reduced energy use. Both air volume and lighting can be presence controlled. Smart, simple, and cost-effective. Secure your property for the future and contribute to reduced energy use with our smart baffle control!

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