DCV-FLb - Airflow control unit, 2-stage

DCV-FLb är en styrenhet som består av flödesregulator FLLb, en spjällmontor och ett spjäll med mätfläns. Enheter med ett cirkulärt spjäll (Ø125-500) levereras fabriksmonterade. För övriga spjällstorlekar levereras spjäll, mätfläns, ­spjällmotor och regulator separat.


  • Through damper control, can quickly and safely switch between a fixed stand-by flow and a fixed higher normal work flow
  • Suitable for controlling equipment where the airflow does not need a continuous demand control (it could be in a kitchen where a switch should trigger the higher or lower airflow)
  • Connection for user panel FLOCHECK F with button selection to be able to switch between working modes
  • The controller is programmable and its parameters can be read or set locally via handset or centrally over the network
  • Timer function which after a set time restores the airflow to the normal flow (working mode)
  • Reports measured airflow via CAN
  • Connects via Node-ID to a local network (CAN-loop) for stable communication between cooperating units.
  • Gateway NCE is connected to the local network for access and communication with Lindinvents central unit or another parent system.
  • Reports measured airflow via CAN

User interface

  • Login to Lindinvents central unit with system software LINDINTELL
  • The web-based visualization tool LINDINSPECT
  • Bluetooth® for communication via mobile applicationLINDINSIDE
  • Fixed panel FLOCHECK F, wired directly to FLLb

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