DCV-MFb - Airflow measuring unit

DCV-MFb is a measuring unit consisting of airflow controller FBLb and a measuring flange with double measuring sockets. Units with a circular measuring flange (Ø100-630) are delivered factory-assembled. For other sizes, the measuring flange and the controller are delivered separately. The airflow sensor in the controller is connected with hoses to the measuring sockets on the measuring flange. FBLb is commissioned for flow measurement.

  • Used for complementary measurement of airflow.
  • Connects via Node-ID to a local network (CAN-loop) for stable communication between cooperating units.
  • Gateway NCE is connected to the local network for access and communication with Lindinvents central unit or another parent system.
User interface
  • Login localy directly to the controller via a smart phone with the LINDINSIDE app.
  • Networking over Gateway NCE and Lindinvents central unit and system software LINDINSPECT.
  • Other external parent system via Gateway NCE and ModbusRTU or ModbusTCP.
  • Fixed user panel FLOCHECK P, which can be wired directly to controller FBLb.




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