DCV-RCb - Room climate control unit

DCV-RCb is a control unit consisting of room climate controller RCXb, a damper actuator and a damper with measuring flange. Units with a circular damper (Ø100-500 mm) are delivered factory-assembled. For other damper sizes all parts are supplied separately.

  • Intended for use with Lindinvent's reactive supply air devices ISQ-M or ISQ-FM.
  • Controls additional cooling and heating in sequence.
  • A duct temperature sensor is included.
  • Activates airflow and lighting using an external occupancy detector.
  • Possibility to connect lighting to presence-controlled lighting zones.
  • Connectors for a number of additional external sensors.
  • Has a number of parameters that can be read and set via network and / or directly on the control unit via a connected user panel.
  • Connects via Node-ID to a local network (CAN-loop) for stable communication between control units.
  • Factory calibrated airflow sensor and temperature sensor.
  • Menu-controlled commissioning after logging in to the controller.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth® for communication via mobile application LINDINSIDE.
User interface
  • Login localy directly to the controller via a smart phone with the LINDINSIDE app.
  • Networking over Gateway NCE and Lindinvents central unit and system software LINDINSPECT.
  • Other external parent system via Gateway NCE and ModbusRTU or ModbusTCP.
  • Wall panel DRP is available for temporarily changing the room temperature setpoint or activating an enforced airflow.

System solution DCV-RCb: Why and when?

DCV-RCb in combination with Lindinvent's reactive supply air diffusers allows for perfect and flexible climatization. System solutions with DCV-RCb offer a lower degree of flexibility where there may be a need to rebuild/modify the premise and its use. Systems based on active supply air diffusers are recommended where maximum flexibility is desired. Supply air, regardless of system solution, is balanced via control unit DCV-BLb.

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