FLOCHECK P - Digital room panel

FLOCHECK P is, like FLOCHECK V and FLOCHECK F, used as a fixed digital room panel for Lindinvent’s controllers for protective ventilation. 

  • It is installed as control and safety equipment for an LAF bench together with draught diverter controller LAFLb. 
  • Installed as a control panel for differential pressure controller DPLb or other controllers that only work continuously in one operating mode. 
  • Has an active screen on which the user can read the current values for pressure, differential pressure or flow as well as the damper angle in the connected damper, depending on which controller is connected. 
  • Shows the status of the current operating mode in plain text. 
  • Used for logging in to the connected controller on start-up or when adjustment is needed. 
  • Can give an acoustic alarm with a buzzer and/or an optical alarm with LEDs. 
  • Wired to the controller with a pre-mounted contact for a designated socket on the controller PCB. 

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