GK Miljöhuset

GK Miljöhuset

The most energy-efficient officein Norway is in Oslo!

GK Miljöhuset was inaugurated in August 2012 under pump and steel. Although it isn’t magic or any new technology solutions, it is the most energy-efficient office in Norway with 67 kWh/m2/year. In Norway this is calculated in a different way than Sweden but it all comes downs to thinking right and doing it right with high ambitions. The constructors and installers have made a building that they both agree to has been fun and interesting to work with.

The office has received "Energimerkning A" (a norweigian energy rating scale) and is Norway's first office built according to passive house standards. With an air/water heat pump, wooden glass windows, external solar shading, 40 cm insulation, airtight facade (0.23 l / s, m2) and Lindinvent’s products for demand controlled ventilation and lighting, the sealed position in Norway has been reached. The lighting has no daylight compensation or LED. The property is owned by GK themselves, they have been responsible for design and implementation and are very pleased with the result.

GK's own building automation department has built a delivery standard system. Everything is web-based and our LINDINSPECT interface is nicely linked for a complete overview of the indoor climate.

Additional about the ventilation: The building has six units that react and start when attendance is detected (when more than 5 TTC’s register). The units are divided per/façade. Each floor has pressure regulating dampers installed, but otherwise there are no dampers or silencers due to reach low SFP numbers. Cooling is produced by the heatpump and since there is no water carried heating system in the building, the cost of the piping has been kept down. The only additional heat they can get is from a 200W heating element integrated in the power branches. Extra high demands are placed in the accuracy of flow measurement and balance when the property is so sealed. Inaccuracy in such a dense building is punished directly by whistling doors, etc.

You will find a virtual tour of the building here!