HQ - TeliaSoneras N8

HQ - TeliaSoneras N8

Fabege has given us additional confidence based on past experience and in TeliaSonera's head office it is a modularly built-in flexible ventilation solution with approximately 2800 units installed. Everything is visualized in LINDINSPECT for a good overview.

The property is certified with BREEAM Excellent and in addition to demand controlled ventilation and lighting it also has low-speed wayer taps and toilets as well as solar cells on the roof.

From Fabege's website:

The property's facade consists of a mosaic of different types of glass: clear glass, screen-printed glass, mirror glass and dense facade glass. The surface will give different impressions over the day, depending on how the sun stands. In the evening, the offices become a brilliant lantern.

The building is divided into different volumes: higher towards the railway, lower and more small-scale towards Stjärntorget. This is to give the light the opportunity to reach every part of the building, as daylight is so crucial to creating an environment where people thrive. There are also other details worth mentioning. The lifts are fast to make it smooth and easy to get between different floors, all materials are chosen with utmost care to give the feeling we are looking for. And last but not least - all tenants should have the maximum space to realize their own visions, not least if you want to be able to create an activity-based workplace.

Activity-based with tailor-made solutions
The TeliaSonera house (formerly Scandinavian Office Building) provides good opportunities for working activity-based, which means that the office is fully adapted to the organization's working methods and needs. It provides opportunities for small quiet rooms for individual work, meeting- and project rooms in varying sizes, touch-down seats, sofa groups, standing tables, etc. There is no fixed template, no facet. The premises are tailor made according to needs and wants.

The office plan is completely flexible with a free height of 2.80 meters. In total, there is an available room area of ​​approximately 42,000 square meters