A big plus for a property owner is to be able to optimise and control the property in an easy way. Even the tennant benefits from that by being able to adjust the indoor climate. All this is possible via the app avaiable for iOS and Android



Why marry an app with property management?

In some properties, the user wants to be able to control temperature, sunscreen and lighting. All of which will be possible in the InOffix app set for release in Q4 2019. This app also includes a QR code based solution for booking, error reporting etc. and has a web-based interface for admins. 

By giving each room or object a dedicated QR code and place it where desired, it's easy to scan all the information that regards that specific location. In turn that enables an easy way to make bookings, find out how it is used, create various reports, give and receive information, request different services (cleaning etc), placing orders and analyse different stats.


This obviously creates a very cost-effective solution since no installed hardware or electrical installation is needed. The tenant/property owner can set it all up with the help of a printer, a smart phone and a web interface. This also applies to the actual technical setup which is very simple. Just follow the instructions.


All functions are administered, logged and analysed digitally for clarity and traceability.

The created value

The cost of the QR code and the services attached to it should be well below the value. It is the only way to get satisfied users. The charging model itself is based on the utilisation rate.


We help you through the entire process