Detection is key

With presence sensors and smart room- and work stations tagging, key figures are created for how the property is being used. The number of vacant meeting rooms and cell offices is shown but also how frequent they are being used.

Learn how different spaces are being used


Do we have enough conference rooms?

Most people have probably found that there are no available conference rooms when they are needed the most. With our tagging of room types and key figures that, in a graph, shows how many conference rooms are vacant, we give an overview of how common it is that everyone is busy. These key figures will also be presented in the InOffix app, set for release in Q4 2019.

...and - are they big enough?

Our CO2-based sensor can count the number of people present. Due to that, we can also show the average number of people participating in meetings in that particular room. This data is presented in a diagram which makes it easier for the property owner if discussions regarding space redeployment should occur. 

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