Cell office solution - Lighting control via dali

In a single-person cell office, it is advisable to have the possibility to control the lighting manually.

When using Lindinvent's SBD control unit, you can choose different types of push buttons:

  • DALI pushbuttons connected to the DALI bus.
  • Wired push buttons (not DALI) connected directly to SBD.
  • Wireless and battery-free push buttons with Enocean technology.

The most energy efficient solution is manual lighting of the lighting combined with light compensation and absence extinguishing. Presence sensors in the supply air register detect the absence and turn off the lighting after the set delay.

Cell office

Cell office


Luminaires and light sensor are connected via DALI bus to the lighting control unit SBD. Connected DALI devices are addressed in the SBD via a wireless or wired user panel. The wireless switch (ESW) is paired in the same way with the associated SBD.

Lighting control

The lighting is switched on manually via a switch. Short press, 1, turns the light on which via DLS light sensor regulates to the set light level. Short press, 0, turns the light off. Keeping the pressure on the switch a bit longer shifts the setpoint of the light level up or down. When the presence sensor in the diffuser registers absence, the luminaires are set to go off. The registered absence time can be set and adjusted.

The lights are also controlled via access control systems. After hours when the alarm is turned on, the lights go out.

Readings and settings

Reading of actual values ​​and changing of setpoints and settings are done via the parent system or via the wireless or wired user panel.


TTC Active roof air diffuser with presence detector
CBX Clutch Box for TTC
DLS Light sensor, DALI.
ESW Switch Enocean

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