Open plan office solution - Lighting control via dali

Open plan office

Open plan office

Divide the landscape into zones

Lighting control in an open plan office can be done in a number of ways. If several people are sitting together, there mightn't be a need for a manual light switch. Depending on how the furniture is placed, you can divide the landscape into different zones with groups of fixtures. If presence is detected in the individual zones, the light level is adapted to keep e.g. 500 lux at the desks.

If the sensors in the actual zone don't detect any presence, the lighting is kept at a basic level to save energy. Turning off the lights after hours can be managed by connecting the alarm system. When the alarm goes on, the lights go out.



Open plan office

Open plan office


Fixtures and light sensor are connected via the DALI bus to the lighting control unit SBD. The devices are addressed in the SBD via a user panel, wireless or wired.

Lighting control

The luminaires are controlled via light sensors to maintain the set light level. Lighting is regulated between two different levels; presence and absence. The absence level is activated via the access control system when the floor plan alarm is turned off. When presence is registered in the current zone, the light level is regulated to the presence setpoint. The luminaires are controlled in groups of two in turned controlled by the associated light sensor. Each group of luminaires is also included in the presence zone connected to the presence sensor in the associated diffuser. When absence is registered, the luminaires adjust the lights to the set abscene level. The timer for registered absence can be set and adjusted. The lighting is also controlled via the access control systems. When the alarm goes on, the lights go out.

Readings and settings

Readings of actual values ​​and change of setpoints and settings are done via the parent system or via a wireless or wired user panel.


TTC Active roof air diffuser with presence detector.
CBX Clutch Box for TTC.
DLS Light sensor, DALI.

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