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The purpose of protection ventilation is to eliminate harmful substances in the air that we breathe. These substances are neither visible nor smell in many cases. It is recommended to observe particular caution. Since the health risks are significant in laboratory work, good and reliable protection ventilation is crucial for the staff.

Ventilating exhaust air units
For protection ventilation, devices for exhaust air are required that can catch any harmful substances directly at the source or workbench. Lindivent has equipment to control the following lab equipment:

  • Fume cupboard
  • Down flow bench
  • Fume hood
  • Local exhaust
  • Safety bench / LAF bench

The equipment is connected to the exhaust air system. In order for the exhaust air function to be correct and secured according to regulations, a control unit is required which measures and monitors pressure or airflow to specified setpoints. Continuous regulation is required as air flows in laboratories vary as a result of variations in duct pressure. Increased flows when, for example, a fume cupboard opens up, momentarily lowers the pressure on the extract air unit. This results in decreased flows elsewhere in the system which must then be corrected.

NOTE! Operation and working methods are very important for protection ventilation to have the desired function.

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