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Differential pressure control

In several cases, rooms or zones in lab environments need to have over or under pressure relatively adjoining spaces to ensure the direction of air movement. There are a variety of system solutions depending on whether there are fixed or variable flows that need to be managed. There is usually also a requirement for safe passage between spaces with different pressure conditions. The illustration shows a case with constant flow in a space that must have negative pressure against a corridor or a path thru unit.

DCV-BL (Flow controller FBL mounted on a damper with a measuring flange), commissioned for constant flow control.

Differential pressure regulator DPL, regulates via damper with a damper motor, the extract air flow so that a constant negative pressure or overpressure is maintained.

Deviating differential pressure generates an acoustic and optical alarm on the user panel FLOCHECK P which is connected directly to the controller DPL.

Both regulator FBL and DPL have a relay function for alarm outputs.

The connected user panel is used for reading actual values ​​and changing setpoints.




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