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Comment on damper Materials

As for the choice of damper material, we recommend epoxy coated galvanized dampers. It is very rare that substances become so corrosive that you need plastic or stainless steel dampers.

Works with various fume cupboard manufacturers

The FCL controller works well with the various fume cupboard manufacturers' solutions for automatic door closing.

Fume cupboard regulator FCL guarantees safe working environment by maintaining the air velocity in the fume cupboard opening at 0.5 m/s regardless of the opening height up to a marked hatch level. The Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations (AFS 2015: 7) Appendix 1 sets out the requirements for air quality in laboratories.

A measuring probe is mounted inside the hood. The measuring probe is connected via a hose to the internal air speed sensor in FCL.

Via the connected panel FLOCHECK V (AP), the operator can choose to temporarily set a certain forced flow or a certain reduced flow. FLOCHECK V alarms at deviating flows.

Electric interlock contactor EFK (EF) can be connected to FCL to be able to break the voltage to electrical outlets at insufficient air speed. EFK is a recommended safety device to reduce the risk of explosions when handling flammable substances.

Remember not to put a switch for automatic and fan. The protection ventilation must be running constantly. The substances can get stuck in the exhaust air duct and spread out in the room when the extract air is switched off. Therefore, one should be very careful not to switch off the extract air fan to the fume hood or other laboratory equipment.

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