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Lab climate control

Climate control in laboratories usually requires a function that can handle both variable and fixed air flows. At rising room temperature, DCV-LC (Lab climate controller LCX mounted on a damper with measuring flange and damper motor) increases the exhaust air flow in the laboratory. DCV-LC can also control heat and cooling valves in sequence.

Measuring unit DCV-MF (1) continuously measures and reports the current exhaust air flow from connected fume cupboards and down flow benches etc.

Lab climate control The DCV-LC reads other exhaust air flows and can adapt its own measured flow to meet the need for extract air.

Flow control DCV-BL, commissioned for flow balancing, summarizes current exhaust air flows via CAN and regulates the supply air with respect to any offset.

The controllers have a relay function for alarm output.

Reading the actual values ​​and setting the setpoint values ​​can be done via the communication network or via a connected user panel.


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