In a lab, extract air units with variable flows can be in operation at the same time as other equipment works with constant extract air flows. The sum of the extract air needs to be balanced via supply air. In this case, DCV-CF (Pressure controller with flow measurement CFL and a damper with damper motor and a measuring flange) is installed in the extract air duct. The controller maintains the pressure in the extract air duct and simultaneously measures the extract air flow.

  • Controller CFL reports the measured extract air flow via the communication network. DCV-BL (Airflow controller FBL on a damper with measuring flange and damper motor) balances the supply air. Any offset can be set.
  • Controller CFL maintains the pressure in the extract air duct.
  • The controllers have a relay function for alarm output.

Readings of actual values ​​and set points can be made via the communication network or via a connected user panel.

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