As part of Lindinvent's control system for internal sun screen, SBM acts as a relay box for controlling 2 motors. The control boxes are assigned unique addresses and are interconnected via a communication cable in a CAN network.

Two motors can be connected to each SBM. The motors can be controlled individually and independently.

All conditions and calculations that are needed to determine whether a sunscreen should be up or down are made in the SunShade computer module installed on the system's server.

SBM supports wireless and battery-free switches that communicate via Enocean technology. It is also possible to connect wired push buttons for manual operation of the sun visor.

By using Lindinvent's presence and temperature sensors in supply air devices in the same network, the sunscreen can be intelligent. It can be adapted to outdoor conditions in the form of solar power and temperature as well as indoor conditions such as presence and temperature deviation.

WSC11 is a small weather station suitable to mount on the roof of  bulding as it simultaniously meassures illuminance  in north, east, south and west as well as global solar radiation effect, W / m2. In addition to measuring solar power, the weather station measures several other data, see below.

  • Sunlight (N, E, S, W), 1 .. 150 klux.
  • Global solar power, 0 .. 1300 W/sqm
  • Dusk, 0 .. 999 lux (can be used to control external lightning)
  • Wind speed, 0 .. 40 m/s.
  • Wind direction, 0 .. 360°
  • Outside temperature, -30° .. +60°C.
  • Precipitation, 0 eller 1.
  • Air preassure, 300 .. 1100 hPa
  • Humidity
    • Relative, 0 .. 100 %
    • Absolute, 0 .. 400 g/m3
    • Dew point, -30 .. +60°

The weather station has a built in GPS and clock for calculating solar altitude and solar azimuth. WSC11 comes with a 10 m connection cable and stainless steel mounting angle. It is powered by 24 VDC and communicates with Modbus RTU. During assembly, a converter is also installed between Modbus RTU and TCP / IP.

SunShade is the server software in Lindinvent's sun screen control system. SunShade makes all the settings required to get an intelligent and energy efficient sunscreen. When all configurations are done, the sunscreen system can be visualised in the web interface Lindinspect. The control depends on outdoor conditions in the form of solar power and temperature as well as indoor conditions such as presence and temperature deviation from setpoint, as well as a number of other settings.

Each solar shield is connected to a solar zone consisting of one or more CAN nodes. The control of the shielding is based on the need that is read in the zone via the presence and temperature sensors.

  • If presence is registered in the zone, comfort is superior to light. The shielding is activated at solar power above the set level, or deactivated at solar power below the set level.
  • If presence is not registered, and there is a heating requirement in the room, the module can either heat the room by means of the sunlight by folding up the screen or improving the window's U-value by folding down the screen.
  • As the last alternative, if no other needs exist, the module will fold up / down the shield based on solar power even without a registered presence.