Different solutions for sun screen control

A collaborative system

By using Lindinvent products for ventilation and sun screen, you get a smart and collaborative system. The system accounts for the inside and outside conditions and calculates how the room should be adapted to achieve optimal comfort and energy use.

The SBM control box, which can control two motors separately, is installed at room level. If manual control is desired, wired or wireless switches can be used. The TTC air diffuser has built-in sensors for presence and temperature.

At the parent level, the sun screen software calculates how the room should be set based on the information obtained from the room- and outdoor conditions. The system is monitored, visualised and logged via the Lindinspect web interface where you can also change settings and configurations.


Each control box for sunscreen, SBM, controls two separate relay outputs individually. SBM is assigned a node number in the CAN network through a user panel that can be wireless or wired. All other configuration takes place via the parent system. Wireless switches, ESW, are paired with the respective SBM.

Sun screen control

The control depends on outdoor conditions; the power and temperature of the sun as well as indoor conditions such as presence and temperature deviation from the setpoint and a number of other settings. Each solar shield is connected to a solar zone consisting of one or more CAN nodes, in this case TTC. The control of the shield in the zone is based on the need that is detected via the presence and temperature sensors in the supply air devices. If presence is registered, comfort is superior to light. The shielding is activated at solar power above the set level, or deactivated at solar power below the set level.

If no presence is detected and there is need for heat in the room, the module can either heat the room by means of sunlight by pulling up the sun screen (if the solar power is above a certain level) or improving the window's U-value by folding it down (if the temperature difference outside / inside is big enough). A final alternativ if no other needs exist, the module will pull up / down the shield based on solar power even without a registered presence.

Via the ESW wireless switch, the sunscreen can be controlled manually. In this case, both sunscreens in each room are controlled in parallel with a switch. Short press maneuvers the sun visor to the end positions, long presses puts the sun visor in any position.

Service position

In order to enable internal window cleaning, it's possible to force climate protection (heated curtains). Service mode is activated via Lindinspect's web interface.

Readings and settings

Readings of actual values ​​and changes in set values ​​and settings are made via the parent system.


TTC Active roof air diffuser with temperature and presence sensor
CBX Clutch Box for TTC
SBM Control box for sun protection
ESW Wireless switch, enocean