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  • Which diffuser should I chose, ISQ-F or ISQ-FM?
    • With all built-in sensors and room control, ISQ-F has a built-in flexibility in case you want to change the room division without changing the ventilation system.
    • ISQ-FM are intended for larger areas without a greater need for flexibility requirements.
    • If you only compare product prices, it will be cheaper with ISQ-FM and dampers instead of ISQ-F when 3 ballasts or more are needed. In terms of flexibility, simpler duct routing and fewer ducts, it's basically just school halls and larger meeting rooms where ISQ-FM is a better alternative.
  • Is it possible to paint ISQ-FM to match the interior design?

    Absolutely! BUT let US do it! We make sure that you get the color you want so that the devices are painted in a safe way that does not destroy them. If you do this on your own, the function is destroyed and the guarantee does not apply.

ISQ-FM - Exposed reactive supply air diffuser

The exposed reactive supply air device ISQ-FM in collaboration with the room climate control DCV-RC / DCV-RCb, may just like the active supply air diffuser ISQ-F, be one of the world's most useful supply air devices. The devices are designed to maintain high comfort in operating modes that allow low air flows and a strongly sub-temperate supply air. ISQ-FM belongs to the latest generation of diffusers from Lindinvent and is designed to meet the requirements for simple and efficient climate control set by designers, installers, integrators, property owners, tenants and operating technicians. The device is available in a raw industrial look or lacquered in the desired color.

Quick facts ISQ-FM:
  • Intended for distributing a variable supply air flow over a number of ISQ-FM diffusers in larger rooms.
  • With mechanics and a look similar with the active supply air device ISQ-F but lacks electronics and sensors.
  • Like other devices in the INSQAIR product series, it is equipped with a patented flow valve and air flow control for exceptional performance: Up to 120 l / s with a sound level <30 dB (A).
  • Can work with strongly sub-temperate supply air over the entire flow interval without causing drafts.
  • Adjustable spreading pattern.
  • Swift and easy installation.

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