TTC - Active supply air diffuser

Good ventilation with minimal energy consumption

The active TTC supply air diffuser facilitates a good indoor climate at low installation costs and very low operating costs. Reference sites have saved 50% of the electricity consumed by fans, 95% on air heating (air preheating) and 10% on radiator heating compared to similar solutions that use CAV. The product is not just energy efficient though. Assessment has also shown that the TTC is around 30% cheaper than similar CAV-based systems, chilled beams and normal lighting control. With the introduction of optimisation features throughout the site, such as operating times, pressure, supply air temperature, economy mode, lifespan of light fittings, etc., the building's energy bill can be significantly reduced.

Principle - How is this possible?
The principle behind the TTC is that the slot heights are adjusted according to demand, allowing the supply air rate to be maintained at different flows and cold air to be used to cool rooms. For most of the year the air does not need to be preheated, as a heat exchanger is enough. This, combined with demand control using occupancy sensors and temperature sensors, can dramatically reduce energy consumption.  Integrated sensors - lower installation costs and increased flexibility All sensors and controllers are integrated in the TTC diffuser, which provides optimal room control adapted to actual demand. The diffuser includes the following sensors as standard:

  • temperature sensor
  • occupancy sensor
  • duct temperature sensor
  • duct pressure sensor
  • pressure sensor for calculating the air flow

Silent and draught free
Using patented technology, the TTC delivers unique acoustic performance: 100 Pa and 50 l/s => 27 dB (A). This allows extensive use of the existing duct system in renovation projects.

TTC is equipped with technical solutions and components which make it very reliable. The sensor has a separate inspection filter and the motor's lifespan exceeds the useful lifespan of the building. Thanks to the solutions integrated into the sensors, even potential operation of these will also have little impact.

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