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Our climate smart concept solution

Have you ever heard the saying "It's stupid to let the fire go up the chimney"? We have. That's why we work with demand controlled ventilation, lighting and sun screen. Why waste energy on an empty room? Our systems are smart. They create and maintain a sustainable indoor climate by adjusting the need of air flow, cooling and heating. This is a winning concept.

Why demand controlled ventilation and climate control?

At Lindinvent, we work with smart systems to create and maintain an attractive, sustainable and energy efficient indoor climate. This by adjusting the need for air volumes, additional cooling or additional heating. In other words; We don't let the fire go up the chimney!
Our web interface LINDINSPECT enables very easy and visual monitoring of deployment and operation. This makes the sytem accessible and thus reliable. The need for service can be analysed, installation malfunctions can be identified and various points of measures can be tested to achieve set targets for indoor climate and sustainable energy use.

Take responsibilty for the energy consumption

Regardless of electricity or other energy market prices , itis important to have control of the energy use in a property. There are fully functionable technical solutions on the market that can handle this to acceptable conditions. Our system however, is adapted to function based on how the different premises are used. Studies show that the occupancy rate in a property during daytme reaches a maximum of 60% (average level of about 35%). Rooms and other spaces that are not being used should not be ventilated in the same way as rooms with normal activity. Most commercial properties follow similar patterns where the degree of use varies throughout the day with variations in operations throughout the year. This is the perfect setting for smart climate control.

Low use of energy

A property doesn't actually have to use 143.5 kWh/sqm and year suggested by differerent surveys (this according to the Swedish Energy Agency's STIL surveys). Climate systems can in fact provide extremely satisfied tenants with an energy consumption below 53 kWh/sqm and year even though the building is built in the 60s without additional insulation.

The need for additional heating and cooling

Low supply air temperatures work very well with our solutions and allow a lower airflow in the system. Lower flow levels, in turn, result in very efficient heat recovery. It may even show that there is no need to install any heating equipment in addition to heat recovery. I will also show that the heavily under-tempered supply air only needs increased cooling capacity installed if the climate must be maintained at normal comfort level under extreme conditions.

What do we mean?

If the outside temperature is above 21 degrees celsius, it is not possible to cool via supply air because it creates large air flows. A smart climate control system knows this and doesn't try to cool with supply air above a specified level. However, a measured carbon dioxide content above the set value will always increase the air flow up to a maximum flow.

Our solutions are developed to avoid remodeling of duct systems. Our supply air devices operate over a large flow range but also manage to dispense with a large static pressure, which may be the solution that allows you to retain parts of an existing older duct system. We develop, manufacture and market our systems which, for example, supply a typical cell office with a cooling requirement via supply air of about 500 W at a noise level of 35 dB (A). This at a relatively high channel pressure.


What to consider when investing?

Our experience tells us that decision makers look quite closely at initial investment costs and possible energy savings in SEK/year when it comes to calculating and presenting investment proposals on ventilation and climate control. Such a narrow analysis can lead to not considering, or maybe even missing, the full value of the proposal. We believe that there are many factors that contribute to increased property value and a number of positive consequences to consider when talking about investment decisions and indoor climate:

  • A total solution where you also look at the need for cooling

  • Improved comfort for tenants may justify higher rent levels and be more positively responded to

  • Effective climate control provides increased productivity. Did you know that a four degree temperature difference lowers productivity by about 5%?  Consider that fact comparded to the fact that fresh air increases productivity by about 3%.

  • A modernly equipped property can be monitored via the web which lowers operating and maintenance costs.

  • Continuous optimization and troubleshooting are fixed at a fraction of the time otherwise required for data collection and analysis.

  • New ventilation solutions are more quiet. This lowers the cost of sick leave caused by stress and disturbing noise.

Our green energy-saving philosophy at Lindinvent can be summerised in new technology, better comfort, lower operating costs, reduced energy use, higher room utilisation, more interesting and healthier premises for the tenant and less vacancies

  • Offices

    A perfect indoor climate increases well-being and productivity

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  • Schools

    Children perform better in classrooms with good ventilation

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  • Healthcare

    Proper ventilation reduces the spread of infection during surgery

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  • Safety ventilation

    Safety ventilation prevents bacteria from remaining in the lab environment

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