Conference room solution - Lighting control via dali

Conference room

Conference room

Varying needs depending on activity

Conference- and meeting rooms can have different lighting requirements depending on the activity in the room. Sometimes light is needed over the conference table, sometimes it has to be dark when using a projector or maybe there is a need to turn on a light over a whiteboard.

Due to this it is good to install a scene selector that switches the lighting to pre-programmed scenes with a simple push on a switch. The best way is to combine a scene selector with presence/absence control.

Conference room

Conference room


Luminaires and stage selectors are connected via DALI bus to the lighting control box SBD. The devices are addressed in the SBD via a user panel that can be wireless or wired.

Lighting control

The luminaires go to predefined stage selection when presence is registered via presence sensors in the supply air devices. Four different predefined scenes can be activated manually via the scene selector (DSC). These scenes can be:

  • Basic lighting (only luminaires A3 lit)
  • Table lighting (A2 lit, A3 dim, A1 off)
  • Panel lighting (A1 and A2 lit, A3 off)
  • Projector (A1 and A3 off, A2 lit)

When absence is registered, luminaires take a predefined stage choice for absence (extinguished). Time for absence is adjustable.

Readings and settings

Readings of actual values ​​and change of setpoints and settings are done via the parent system or via user panel which can be wireless or wired.

Material specification:

TTC Activeair diffuser with presence detector
CBX Clutch Box for TTC
DSC Scene Selector, DALI.

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